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More than 3 million families around the world choose to install our smart home system to create an immersive tailored smart home experience


Smart Community

As a preferred smart home supplier, UIOT strives to create smart home communities that allow efficiency, comfort, and convenience at your fingertip


Smart Hotel

Guided by "efficiency, comfort, energy saving and innovation", UIOT greatly improved the user experience


Smart Office

Create a highly humanized smart office space


Smart Education

UIOT's professional smart system developed a new form of education and teaching


Smart Senior Homes

With UIOT's smart system, the elderly can enjoy individualized care that is safe, efficient and convenient. A user-friendly system that can make life effortless and enjoyable


We always emphasize on independent innovation to create products that can improve quality of life

Intelligent Control

Intelligent Control

Aim to excel technology development in home automation

Intelligent Lighting

Exquisite design of smart
home products

Smart Cloud Speaker

Life-changing technology innovation

Home Security

Smart technology with a touch of modern design

Environmental Monitor

OLED Scene Control Panel

With years of research and development, UIOT dedicates to create an entire smart home controlled by on system